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At-home blood tests

Our customer stories

Your health is our top priority. See how Macromo tests have helped our customers live healthier and happier lives.

  • Pavla


    Macromo Blood Women's Health

    Macromo Blood Women's Health test was a game-changer! At-home blood sample collection was painless and easy to do. I found thyroid issue early, took action, and now I am confident to lead a healthier life!

  • Michal


    Macromo DNA Premium

    The test helped me to identify my genetic predisposition to cardiovascular disease, including an increased risk of coronary heart disease, and to start a healthier lifestyle. The app gave me personalized recommendations on how to minimize my risk of manifesting the disease.

  • Lenka


    Macromo DNA Health

    As a geneticist I encourage everyone to discover their genetic predisposition to take proactive steps to prevent or delay the onset of health problems. Being proactive about your health will help you live longer and healthier.

Which test is right for you?

Why Macromo?

  • Data linking

    We are the only company on the market to link lifestyle analysis data with genetic results and your family history. In the future, you'll be able to link your DNA test results to Apple Health and blood tests in our app to get complete recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.

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  • The gateway to your optimal health

    Macromo is a mobile app for preventive care that works with genetic DNA test data, lifestyle information and your medical history. As a result, it provides personalized and actionable recommendations to improve your health.

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  • Emphasis on data security and privacy

    All analysis of your DNA is done with the utmost attention to privacy and data security. We adhere strictly to GDPR and when you delete your account in the app, all data is automatically and irreversibly deleted from our secure storage.

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Preventive healthcare in a mobile app

DNA testing is the first step in personalising healthcare. Work with your results over the long term, find personalized lifestyle recommendations in the Macromo app. The guidance is based on unique data processing, the latest scientific findings and consultation with experts.