Afraid to see your DNA results? How we decide which results does Macromo app display

Afraid to see your DNA results? How we decide which results does Macromo app display

With the advancements in medical technology comes another challenge in the face of the increasing health data available. While it is definitely helpful in early diagnosis and more effective treatment, we are determined to present all the data available in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand way, so as not to scare our customers, causing them psychological harm or leaving them with more questions than answers.

Our goal is to link as much health data as possible to offer a holistic approach to your health. This includes your DNA results (evaluating your predispositions to certain diseases), blood test results (allowing you to monitor current state of your health continuously, at different moments), sleep and stress tests, as well as data from wearables and general lifestyle assessment.

This is how we work with the health data and decide which results to show

Macromo’s team of biologists and geneticists developed a Macromo Scoring method to decide which results to display to Macromo users. When we work with the risks of known diseases we run them through a thorough assessment, based on four distinct factors: preventability, detectability, treatability, and manageability. Each factor is assigned a relative score from 0 to 10. For example, on the scale of preventability, we estimate whether a ceratin disease can be prevented at all. As a result, we have diseases ranging from 0 (least preventable, like Huntington’s disease, for example) to 10 (as in most preventable, like lung cancer). The same applies for other categories, with some diseases scoring higher in one category and lower in the other. For example, when we look at detectability (how easy or difficult it is for doctors to detect the disease once it starts developing) some diseases, like hypertension, are quite easily detectable; thus, we assign them 10 points. Others, like Alzheimer’s disease which scores 0, are much more difficult to detect. Easily treatable diseases can score as high as 10 like hypothyroidism, or as low as 0, like, for example, ALS. Finally, we measure how easily the dieases can be managed, assigning from 10 points to the most manageable diseases (i.e. Type 2 Diabetes) to 0 points to the least manageable ones (like Parkinson’s disease). Categorizing each disease in this way, we can then come up with the Macromo Scoring, which combines all factors and determines which diseases we can further work with and present in our app.

We then filter the diseases based on these scores and provide information about the ones that can be prevented or treated - because we strongly believe in people’s right to know about them in advance, so they can take action.

Why we won’t show the diseases with low Macromo Scoring

First and foremost, the majority of non-preventable diseases are already closely monitored and well-captured by the existing healthcare system. We believe they should be communicated only by professional doctors or geneticists, who would be able to further advise the patients on their options.

Secondly, our goal is to empower people, not scare them. This is why we work only with preventable diseases, offering our customers further guidance on how they can improve their lifestyle and habits to prevent certain conditions from developing in the future. For the same reason, we always encourage people to not stop at the DNA test but keep actively monitoring their health and take proactive steps toward a healthier and happier life. One of the easiest ways to take action is by following recommendations tailored and delivered to you in our Macromo mobile app.

We work towards creating better healthcare for all

At the same time, we work hard to make modern medicine more precise and holistic in its approach to healthcare. We collaborate with health clinics that have already incorporated Macromo into their prevention plans, and we hope to bring this innovation to regular hospitals in the future. While we want to empower our mobile app users to take control of their health, we also want to help doctors make more informed decisions, thus reducing the instances of unjustified drug prescriptions or unnecessary tests.

Our approach to testing is transparent and responsible, being the only solution currently. We store all your data securely in the EU, and while it is not linked to your identity, you have full ownership of it: you can download it anytime to consult with your doctor or request it to be deleted.

The information you get from our tests should not be a source of fear, but rather a tool of growth and empowerment. There’s no reason to be scared of test results, on the contrary: taking back control over your health eliminates the primal fear of not knowing what the future holds. Macromo shows only your health risk factors which can be mitigated by changing your lifestyle and habits to prevent them or catch them early before they develop into serious problems. Knowing your predispositions and regularly monitoring your health allows you to stop living in fear and take ownership of your health. Explore a wide range of our tests to choose the one that’s right for you and embark on the path to a healthier, happier you!