Here is why I gifted Macromo test to my husband

Here is why I gifted Macromo test to my husband

As a wife and mother, I'm always on the lookout for thoughtful gifts that can make a difference in our lives. Little did I know that a simple gift, a Macromo DNA test, would prove to be a game-changer for my husband.

You see, my husband has always been the epitome of health and vitality. He is an active man who feels invincible and rarely pays a visit to doctors. However, there's always been a shadow of concern due to his family history. This genetic test was my way of gently nudging him to take charge of his health.

His results were a revelation that neither of us expected. The DNA test revealed a high risk for some of the diseases we suspected ran in his family and even some we had no idea about. As fate would have it, around the same time we received these results, an insurance company prompted my husband that he is eligible for some in depth health screening. I was never able to convince him to go to these preventative health checks but thanks to the DNA results I was suprised to see that he naturally got more interested in his health and made an appointment with a physician. 

Armed with the Macromo app and his genetic data, he met with a doctor who reviewed the results and offered guidance on maintaining a healthier lifestyle. His doctor took the results seriously and promptly issued referrals for all the necessary examinations, which my husband underwent and excitedly reported that he was all good and healthy. The doctor's advice, combined with the DNA test results, motivated him to make positive changes in his life. This transformation had a ripple effect, inspiring our entire family to pay more attention to our health.

I am a strong believer in prevention and I am so happy I was able to convince my husband to start taking care of his health proactively. This DNA test had proven to be more than just a gift; it was a catalyst for a healthier, more connected family.

Give the most precious thing. Better health.