Restart for Men

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Accept the challenge to restart your health. With a combination of these 3 tests, you will get a diligent insight into your health, hormonal balance and well-being. Set your goals and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Why is it special?

  • Painless blood collection in the comfort of your own home
  • Clear and easy-to-understand results in the Macromo app
  • Long-term monitoring of biomarkers through repeated tests
  • Personalized recommendations for your healthier lifestyle


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What will you learn?
This bundle includes 3 tests: Blood Heart Health, Blood Male Hormones and Sleep and Stress. You will get comprehensive insights into:

Heart health

Blood sugar (HbA1c), cholesterol and lipoproteins (HDL, LDL, Lp(a), ApoB)

Hormonal balance

Total and free testosterone, SHBG

Sleep and Stress

Morning, afternoon and evening cortisol levels and diurnal curve
How is the testing done?


Collect a small amount of blood from your finger in the comfort of your home

The collection kit contains all the necessary tools and materials, including detailed instructions. The painless injection is done with an automatic lancet.


Send the blood sample to the laboratory

In the Macromo app, you can order a free DHL courier which will pick up the envelope with your Blood sample and take it to the lab. The sample must be sent within 24 hours of collection.


The results will be displayed in the Macromo app

You will receive your blood test results within three business days via the Macromo app. The app will display your results clearly and easily, including recommendations for improving your health.

Is your data safe?

Data Security

All biological samples are processed and sequenced (read) in the European Union and after the process is completed the samples are disposed of. All data always remains your property. You can download it or request its deletion from our storage at any time.



Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Macromo follows strict GDPR rules when handling your personal data. We have set up the entire process to keep your data completely safe and anonymous. Your personal data is not linked to your health data in the Macromo app. So no one can connect your identity and your health information.

Restart for Men
Restart for Men
Restart for Men
Restart for Men
Restart for Men

Restart your health and feel your best

Living healthy is more than just routines – it's a mindset that can shape the rest of our journey. It's about keeping your body moving, nourishing it with the right foods, nurturing your emotions, and staying ahead of health risks. Let's not just extend our lifespan, but infuse them with energy, purpose, and fulfillment.

Tests included in this bundle

Understand your body to maximize your potential

Macromo Heart health

6 Reports

Gain insight into the health of your cardiovascular system. Keep track of your blood sugar, cholesterol and lipoprotein levels and watch your health goals come true.

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Macromo Blood Male Hormones

3 Reports

Evaluate the balance of key male hormone testosterone and gain valuable information about your overall well-being. Get the most out of your training and optimize your vitality.

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Macromo Sleep and Stress

3 Reports

Get insights about your stress patterns, empowering you to take steps to manage your sleep and overall well-being. Accurately measure your cortisol levels at three critical points in your day, using only your saliva samples.

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